Unlock the value of your vehicle and operator data designed for the Australian transport industry.

Our mission is simple

We strive to make your business processes more efficient and smoother than ever.

Our platform is designed to be end-to-end for a Service and Distribution operator, from installation and commissioning to operations through to support management and warranty.

We will work with you to setup your own custom reporting structure to give you at a glance the information and understanding vital to your unique organisation.

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Easier for you

We offer a world-leading solution for transport & logistics operators wanting to unlock the value of combining vehicle and operator data from multiple in-cab hardware solutions in a single platform.

As transport and logistics specialists, we manage more than 350 customer fleets, comprising over 10,000 assets across a range if technology providers.

Automate and consolidate all of your business data into one database that is secure, efficient, and easy to access via our platform.

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